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Friday, September 20, 2013

More TV For Me!

So, I've definitely mentioned before my little side project, the MFSBA(.org). My partner and I, both military spouses, endeavor to foster an environment of cultivation for small business owners who identify as part of a military family. We put on networking and sales events, hold instructional webinars (our members are spread out across this great country of ours), and, the most exciting for me, join forces as a community of sorts to raise funds and/or support for various charities, alternating between community-based and military-focused.

Ashley and I had the amazing opportunity to appear on a local morning show to discuss the event we hosted this past Saturday and the work we do for our members.


As for the event, we made some great contacts and developed some great ideas for other events this year. We're looking forward to all that's in store!

Do you identify as part of a military family? Check out our site: :)