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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Not Such a Great Deal

I'm a compulsive reader. And spelling errors stick out like a sore thumb. At least once a week I debate calling a restaurant to notify them that they've spelled 'caesar' wrong on their sign (I never have). And I often take note of quirky things...

Would you think anything of this sign? This sign is down the street from my place, and the first time I read it, I started chuckling. Don't see why? Keep reading:

Is it just me, or is this funny? 

The wording made me think of this:

Via Vanz
That doesn't really strike me as a great deal... if I were to get something waxed I'd be disappointed if they didn't do 100%!

Have you seen any signs that have made you laugh?


  1. This made LOL literally! Always entertaining as usual!

  2. I used to be really fanatical about grammatical and spelling errors and I swear I never made mistakes, but now as I've gotten older, I'm starting to see my own mistakes and it makes me so sad and also empathetic for others!

  3. Oh, yes! I never claim to be perfect, and half of the time the errors are just in my head. I just happen to read so fast that I skip over some of the letters. :)